Saturday, November 5, 2011


So, I volunteered to host Thanksgiving at our house this year!!! Haha. Silly Me. I just thought maybe I could help out this year and do something, like host Thanksgiving. Well... I sort of forgot that we didn't have a full set of dishes and flatware that all matched.... let alone a platter big enough for a turkey! We are supposed to have eight people for Thanksgiving, including ourselves. It should be interesting, no the less.

Everyone is bringing something, so I don't have to worry so much about preparing a HUGE feast. :) Carlos' parents are bringing a ham and mashed potatoes, Pat is bringing cranberry salad and desert, my mom is bringing the stuffing, and Fran is brining the wine! All I have to worry about is making a turkey and my famous green bean casserole! I am seriously not tooting my own horn there, people actually REQUEST for me to make it. Then we just have the this'n'that stuff. HAHA I am pretty sure I will forget something. But this should be fun :D

Today, Carlos and I spent the day looking for new flatware and dishes... we found some. Talk about an adventure. Those things do not come cheap. Gotta hit up multiple stores and really check your options for certain price ranges you want to stay within. Kohls, HomeGoods, Pier1, CostCo, WalMart, Target, & Tuesday Morning. Like I said, adventure. HAHA! Poor Carlos.... I am picky. But it was fun! It isn't everyday you get to run around and look at so many sets of dishes! Haha! We also found a nice platter.

Tomorrow my mission is to find tables cloths and napkins! I have an idea of what I want and Carlos was burned out by the end of the day. So, I am going solo tomorrow. :) It's all good. I know that I have a lot more to do and get, but we will see. I just don't want to be looking for things the week of Thanksgiving. I just want to be able to worry about my food and cleaning my HOUSE! We don't want parents in our messy house!

If you read this.... thanks. Because all I did was ramble about looking for plates & forks. We will see how it all turns out! And maybe these posts will actually become INTERESTING.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just another day.

Okie dokie... So, I royally suck at writing a blog. I have recently determined this. That... And I don't have a very eventful life. So, Marli & Charli get along very well. :D now if only Marli could not escape from the confines of our kitchen while we were at work, it would be even better! Well, I suppose I will post some pics of the dogs and keep it at that. I am posting my blog from the iPhone app, today. So, I am curious to see how this turns out! :D

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jersey Boys

I know, another post in the same day? Well, this is because I hadn't posted about Marli earlier this week. I just thought I would ramble on about some other things. :D

Carlos and I went to see Jersey Boys last night at the Palazzo. It was a good show!

We got there about an hour early, so we went and looked around and checked out the shops there. It's a pretty nice place. I really liked the high ceilings in the casino! Very nice set up inside.

Funny Story....

Before we went inside the theater to take our seats, Carlos took a potty break. While I was waiting outside the bathroom, I was standing next to this older lady. She made a comment in the direction of the flailing drunk trashy girls over by the bar, "Why don't you have another drink, there?" I laughed a little and told her,"Well, that is what makes them feel pretty." She laughed and replied,"I am sorry, I am not very nice." I just smiled and said,"That's all right, neither am I." Her husband came out and they went on their way. Carlos came out and headed to the theater and got our drinks and a snack for the show. We enter, and get directed to our seats, as we are walking to our seats, we are walking behind the older lady and her husband. It seemed they would be sitting close to us. I found this amusing. As we walk up to the row we look for seats 60 & 61. The couple was already sitting and we asked them, "Sixty and sixty one?" The lady replies, "Those are our seats" Oh boy. So, we went up to the usher and told them it seemed our seats had been double booked. Lol. They ended up moving the couple over to the next set of seats. We ended up sitting right next to each other! How hilarious is that?! We chatted and everything. Carlos and I always seem to get along very well with older people.

I thought it was pretty funny how things happen like that. Out of ALL the people, those are the people we end up next to! Ah fate, how you love to play your little games.

New Family Member!

Okie dokie! So, I was planning on going down to the foundation after work on Tuesday to go adopt the dog. But when I texted my friend for the info on her. She said that they had put her up for adoption a little sooner in the day than expected. I decided to just run down there on my lunch... and Carlos ended up coming, too! So that was pretty awesome. We got there and went in, went to her kennel and got her papers, and adopted her. Haha, I ended up coming back half an hour late from lunch. Anywho!! We have a new member of our little family :D

Meet Marli! She is a good dog. Little nervous peepee issues, but they seem to be getting resolved as time passes. Charli seems to like her... but then again, she seems a bit out of sorts with another dog being around. In the end, they both get along with each other quite well. Once Marli's spay incision is completely healed, we will really see how she and Charli play together!

We took Marli to the vet Saturday and we ended up having to put an e-collar (cone) on her since she was licking at her incision. It was beginning to get irritated and in order to prevent infection, we had to put a cone on her. Lol! She seems fine with it on. It prevents her from escaping the kitchen. She is our little escape artist. Being so small, she can squeeze through all these little spaces.... crazy.

Oh! And when we went to the foundation, it turned out that her being eight years old was a typo! She is really three. She also retained two of her baby teeth.. So she has a double set of canines. It is weird, but we are taking her in next Saturday for a dental treatment and to get the teeth removed.

Now we have two great dogs! :D

Monday, August 29, 2011

Is she still there?

Haha. So, for the past two days, I have been checking the foundation's website here and there to see if 'our' dog has been claimed from their lost & found. I am crazy.... then driving home from work today, Carlos asked me if she was still there. Hm... we both seem to want this little doggy. :D

So, I keep jumping on and finding this profile page. Lol! The shelter staff named her "Ellie" Yeah... no thanks. Cute... but too close to Charli, I think. I dunno. Anywho! I will find out tomorrow how things will go down. If she passes her medical evaluation, we will be adopting her. If she doesn't I will be claiming her and will have to work everything out on my own.... which shouldn't be so hard. Like, microchipping, licensing, spaying, and stuff like that. I just think it is easier with adopting because it is all lumped together. :D Like I said, we will see!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not much to say

Just thought I would start up a blog since everyone seems to be doing these things now! Hopefully it will last :)

So, I live with my boyfriend, Carlos, and we have a dog, Charli. We adopted her back in May of 2010. She is a wonderful dog. Carlos and I both work at a car dealership so, Charli is alone for a while everyday. Sometimes, I feel bad for leaving her alone so much. We have been discussing maybe adopting another dog, lately. So, she would have a playmate and companion.

Charli ^

A couple of days ago, one of our coworkers found a little dog and had told Carlos about her. Well, my boyfriend, being as wonderful as he is, tells our coworker that we would take the dog. Haha. So, on Friday, he went and met the little dog and she is so sweet. Doesn't bark (thanks goodness!). When I got off work on Saturday, we went and got the little dog and took her to Lied Animal Shelter. We figure we put in Lost & Found first because if we were to ever loose our dog we wouldn't want someone to just take her home and make her their own. Even though Charli has tags and is microchipped. So, hopefully, we would get her back quickly if we ever did loose her (hope it never happens though). Anyway!!! We figured if someone was looking for her, she would be somewhere they would be able to find her. The Animal Foundation posts a picture of the 'found' dog online and they hold her for seventy two hours. During that time, she will go through a behavioral and medical assessment. After her seventy two hours are up and she passes her assessments, she goes up for adoption. We dropped her off on Saturday, which means she will go up for adoption on Tuesday. In which case, if she is not claimed, when I get off work that day, I will be driving down there and adopting her. So, basically, we are getting another dog this week. Haha!

When we were driving the dog to the shelter, we were discussing how old we thought she was, and figured she must have been pretty young, for being so small. We got to Lied and were giving the doggy over to the girl who worked there (which turned out to be my old roommate, Jasmin!). She was looking at the dog and was telling us she was probably a year or so. When I went online to their website to see her post, it said that she was around eight years old! I couldn't believe it. Lol. So, basically we should be getting a new dog sometime this week. We will see!!!

Potential New Doggy^

:D It is going to be a long week